Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's big, grey, and doesn't like you?

If you guessed Grey Knight Dreadnoughts, then you probably cheated somehow.

Everyone's favorite death-dealing coffins are back in a big way for the Grey Knight codex. What is it that makes them that strong? In a word, Fortitude. Fortitude is a nifty little psychic power that lets you ignore Crew Shaken and Stunned in the movement phase. With a leadership of 10 designated to vehicles in the codex, you can consistently pass this test and keep those Dreads moving. Now everyone, including myself, has been pitching the Psyfleman Dread (a Dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannons and psybolts ammo). I recently ran this guy at a local tourney to great success. He comes in stock at 135 points, so its difficult to not find room for him in each list. A lot of people are running three of these guys for heavy support, but we also have the option to run a Venerable version in the Elites section. True that does increase the cost but if you want to run a whole firing line of Dreads, its possible.

Let's start with the stock model:
Melta-Dread: Multi-melta//Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with Stormbolter = 115 points
As basic as it comes, one shot from the main arm and two from the back up. The general upgrades work well with this one except for psybolts. No point in throwing down 5 points for two shots. Venerable or Regga-Dread? Regga-Dread works if you're strapped but a few more points can make it infinitely better at whatever role you would have it for. Venerable version could actually be worth it with 170 points. Better BS means that MM is hitting more often, but as I said, a few more points and its a lot better than the one pip of BS.

Psyfleman Dread: Two twin-linked auto-cannons, Psybolts ammo upgrade = 135 points
Fantastic buy. Way easy to convert. Loooooooong range and twin-linked means you'll be hitting something every turn. There is a good feeling when you invest in a unit/model that gets to roll dice every turn and does something meaningful, even if its to keep vehicles out of one section of the field.

Gunslinger Dread: Twin-linked heavy bolter//Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with stormbolter, Psybolts = 125 points
Ten points less than the Psyfleman with one more shot but at a weaker strength. So why run this guy instead of just another Rifleman? The Dreadnought CCW. Fortitude allows for movement up field, 3 twin-linked STR6 and 2 STR5 shots can wound most anything save the heavier tanks. Rolling up on a unit, you'll be able to assault them in CC as well. Don't forget that Dreads in this codex are still nasty buggers in CC. Venerable or Regga-Dread? This guy I can actually see being an effective Venerable Dread. With BS5, you'll hit almost every single shot, and if someone does get that lucky result on the damage chart to immobilize or destroy a weapon, knocking it down to a lower one frees you up to keep barreling forward. This guy and the next one I haven't had a chance to play yet but I am looking really to it.

Purgation Dread: Twin-linked Heavy Flamer//Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with heavy flamer, Psyflame ammo = 130 points
Two templates at STR 6, one of which you get re-rolls on. Want to get rid of that Genestealer unit creeping up on you? Get yourself in the right position and just melt some faces. The Close Combat Weapon will make sure that you can defend yourself in CC. The STR6 flamers are actually strong enough to pop some tanks too. Then you assault the tank and tear it up. Venerable or Regga-Dread? Probably sticking around the Regga-Dread. The Re-roll on the damage chart would benefit this one the most because he needs to be up close where all those friendly Melta guns like to play, but he loses the major benefit of the increased BS.

Ranger Dread: Missile Launcher//Twin-linked Lascannon = 150 points
Stand in the back, keep firing. Fills a similar role to the Rifleman but a bit more expensive for the low-AP. The launcher's alternative firing mode can help with anti-infantry but only a little. This one is designed to make tanks cry. Venerable or Regga-Dread? Probably Regga-Dread again. The higher points cost is hard to justify but the higher BS helps a lot. Plus anything that's penetrating it is probably also long range, so a lucky re-roll keeps it in the fight and relevant to the battle at hand.

There's a few other stock options, like the Assault or Plasma cannons, but I don't see them assisting or making the other Dreads worse options.

Now there is one other thing that bears mention: Reinforced Aegis. This covers other unit close by (I believe somewhere in the range of 6" to 12") with a psychic covering. If a psyker goes after a unit in the area, they take a -4 to the leadership. That's pretty solid against even LD10. If you throw in an easy psychic hood, you got some pretty solid defense there.

Hope this was helpful, even if its a little late. Next up, a 2000 point list or some henchmen combos. We'll see. Catch you next time.

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