Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2000 GK's and the Callidus

I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a Grey Knight list that doesn't feel like a carbon copy of another. I had a pretty strong 1500 list with an Inquisition focus, but at a bigger level I feel the Knights themselves can be a lot stronger overall. I think I might have something solid enough to do some damage while keeping the opponents attention all over the place. 

The current idea is to have multiple targets with each pairing being a threat, that if ignored, can put a unit down or at least tie up their attention. 

Librarian (force sword, Warp Rift, Might of Titan, Sanctuary, Shrouding) - 170

Vinidcare Assassin - 145
Callidus Assassin - 145

Terminators x 5 (4 halberds, 1 cannon, 1 hammer) - 225
Strike Squad x 5 (1 halberd on the Justicar, 1 cannon) with Psyback - 165
Strike Squad x 5 (1 halberd on the Justicar, 1 cannon) with Psyback - 165
Strike Squad x 5 (1 halberd on the Justicar, 1 cannon) with Lasback - 195

Stormraven Gunship (twinlinked assault cannons, multimelta, no other upgrades) - 205
Interceptors x 6 (1 cannon, 1 hammer) - 176

Riflemen Dread with psybolts - 135
Riflemen Dread with psybolts - 135
Purgation Dread (twinlinked heavy flamer // DCCW with heavy flamer, psyflame) - 130
[I think that gives me like 9 points left over, so Searchlights for everyone! Yay!]

Note: You're about to read me working through the list with some strategy and logic behind it. Just a heads-up.

So the general layout would stick the Librarian with the Terminators in the gunship. Rocket around or straight up the gut to create a sense of urgency. Slap the Purgation Dread in the back to get it across the field quickly. The trick is just clearing that 24" gap between the lines. Once its on their side, the Dread is just going to cause as much havoc as possible. The gunship only really needs to survive maybe two rounds of shooting to get over, but with the mass of missile launchers out there, gotta test it out some movement strategy. 

Interceptors pick the weak flank and either jump along or try an ambush an exposed unit. I'm debating on the cannon or the incinerator for them but I think from turn 1, the cannon will give me a better chance overall of doing damage. They can buddy along with another unit as a supporter rather than a solo unit. 

For anti-tank, the two Rifleman Dread, LasBack and good old Vinnie. Plus the multimelta on the gunship and the Librarian being able to Might of Titan should help support that and psycannons all over the place. So on a good turn, from range being able to pop potential 5 tanks of various armor values, I'd feel pretty safe. On a bad turn popping at least 1 to 2 should be enough to get the Psybacks and Strike Squads together to fire up.

For each Strike Squad and their Razorback, I can buddy up a Rifleman or the Vinidicare to assist in limiting the field. With three Dreads helping out, I also get the Reinforced Aegis and a Psychic Hood flying around. 

Now the only thing that might look out of place here is the Callidus Assassin. I think she's been given a rough time with the new 'dex but I think I might have figured her out. She drops in all sneaky-like within 3" (but not within an inch) of an enemy unit and is placed there. She has Stealth so cover is awesome, but dropping her into cover using deepstrike causes a Dangerous test. 4+ invul, and a FNP at a 6+, she actually can reasonably land in a terrain piece with a unit and survive. That is if I'm remembering my Deep Strike rules correctly (please correct my logic if you know differently). 

So she's landed, d6 STR4, AP2 hits on the unit. Just hits, so you take the raw number and try wounding. Against something like a Long Fang squad, you have a decent chance of removing a few from the squad (if you get lucky, you could actually cause a panic check in the movement, and then again in the shooting phase). Now you're stranded with a template weapon close to a squad that just lost a few guys. Everyone is trashing this template but I think it can really do some harm. The big deal is that its STR 8, AP 1. Sweet! But it works against LD instead of Toughness. Lame! or is it? 

Now, follow me here. If my logic is correct: similar to a unit that has a mixed toughness values you would use the hit individual model's value. To wound you use the LD value of the models hit instead of toughness. So slapping this template down on, say a Tactical Squad, you would be rolling against LD 8 for the grunts and LD 9 for the Sarge. My understanding of leadership is that the Sarge's LD is used specifically for tests, but the value stays the same in terms of the profile. So Sarge is gone on a 5+ and grunts on 4+ (barring invul saves, of course). No cover saves because of the Template rules. A small 5 man marine squad would have something to fear, but imagine lining up against a bigger unit. 20 guard unit, that template could do some serous hurt. 

If all of that logic stands up, the Callidus is pretty powerful and not as situational as most people think she is. I really wished they covered her specifically in the FAQ, because subtle differences in wording can make or break her easy. 

If she gets charged by the unit she's been blasting, at I7, she should be able to reduce the amount of attacks coming in and has the 4++/6+ just in case. Hit-and-Run gets her out of dodge with an I7 on your opponent's turn and you're free to finish off the unit with firing your next turn. More likely, she'll get shot to hell, in which case she's absorbing the fire of at least one unit away from the rest of the army. This is all based on a good target being available to bomb out and you roll with reasonably good luck. So, slightly situational, but if you haven't popped a transport with that much fire by at least turn 2, then you have other problems. If anything, even having the Callidus in your army provides you with an advantage in the mental game. Until she comes in, any unit out of a tank is at risk. 

My goal this weekend is to get a game following the list above in the NoVA primer set-up. I need to get as many games as I can before that weekend so I'm ready to go. 

Let me know what you guys think. Is my logic around the Callidus wrong? Is the Stormraven not worth it? Find a way to reduce points and add more units? Is she really going out with him? Is she going to take him home tonight? Sorry, radio's playing. Till next time, folks.

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