Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8th Edition Rumors

Ok, can't hold it off any longer. The Warseer Forum seems to be the place to get on top of these rumors. I know I'm not on the cutting edge here but I figured if I'm going to talk about it, I should at least have a way to show it.

The only thing in the rumors that I really have a gripe with is the movement stuff. Charging with random movement removes a lot of control from the general. Plus the War of the Rings game already has this kind of charging system. I really think this is someone wishlisting but I've been surprised before. I'm kind of bummed that charging probably won't let you go first, which is a big deal in the current edition, but with combat changing to allow more models to fight it might not be so bad.

Again just rumors here. Is there anything there that's exciting to you? Is it going to let you field that one unit you love but gets slaughtered in every game? I'm digging the idea of bows shooting in two ranks standard for my Wood Elves. Same thing with being able to field Eternal Guard and Tree Kin instead of an army of super-skirmishers.

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