Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One thing I will give credit to the Internet for is that there's a lot of information out there. With Warhammer being as complex and customizable as it is, its nice when someone can put it together for you in one (or a few) places. There's news sites, blogs, and forums that dedicate so much to the hobby, I'm just going to list a few I use.

For news, I like Bell of Lost Souls. They hit on a bunch of different hobby games which is nice. Its cool to see the other stuff, like Warmachine or Flames of War.

There are so many blogs dedicated to wargaming, there's no way to know them all. But From the Warp does a wicked decent job at putting them together. Check them out for a ton of great blogs.

Like any hobby or nerd related medium, there's podcasts. My personal favorite, Podhammer.net. Australians talking Warhammer; funny accents, good coverage. What more could you ask? World's End Radio is also good if you play 40K too.

Now, gaming is just one aspect. Painting is a HUGE element of my hobby. I've always been an artist so the fact that I get to paint these things is golden. I probably go to at least double the amount of painting blogs than I do gaming ones. I'll put together another post with all the painting stuff I go to.

Until then, check ya laters

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